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  1. I just installed your app and exported all old not working playlists from the old phone to .m3u8 through your app. IT WORKS!! I cant thank you enough!!! Do you have patreon or something, your App is worth much more then 1,99
  2. Hello everybody, I encountered a problem with importing playlists on my new phone and perhaps you can help me. Poweramp version and build number: 2.0.10-build-588-play Your device model: LG V30 H930 Your Android version: 8.0 Your Custom ROM: none Yesterday I received my new LG V30 and I directly set it up as my daily driver. Everything worked but 1 thing, which is very important to me: I cant import my Windows Media Player playlists. On my previous phones which were LG G4 and LG V20 (both rooted and bootloader unlocked), It worked perfectly fine via the synchro
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