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  1. These are the versions I see in Application Manager. Not sure why there are two.
  2. Perhaps I posted to the wrong forum. I am not doing any building or testing. just trying to listen to the app. But in case I am I will try to provide additional info. I listen to the Poweramp app on my Samsung Galaxy S7. This issue does not happen when I am shuffling or just playing a playlist . When I select all songs it inconsistently will go back to the very beginning of my songs at the end of a song. Nothing in particular seems to trigger it. Thank you for your response!
  3. I am so frustrated and am hoping someone can help. Every time I listen to 'all songs' in order it will randomly go back to my first song. It is very frustrating when I am going through the songs to add to playlists. I have the paid version and it is updated.
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