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  1. Every time Poweramp updates i lose all of my song ratings and its fairly irritating that i rate 400 or more songs just to lose all of those ratings
  2. Turn off short audio focus change in settings>audio>audio focus, that fixed the low volume thing for me until they fix it.
  3. Revently Poweramp updated on my phone, but for some reason after the last update my whole phones volume started fluctuating. like when you get a text, but with no noises. After some research I learned about audio ducking, I checked all of my OS, and the only thing that stopped it was turning off the audio focus settings in Poweramp. I don't know why all of my sound in all apps would do this, but they did, and that fixed my issue. Also when this happen on occasion it stops the music playing in Poweramp, and some times closes the app completely.
  4. Poweramp recently updated to build 709 and since then I hear audio skips during play, previously I had no skipping. It sounds like a slight delay in the audio, maybe a slow down for a brief moment, about a second. It doesnt happen constantly, but it happens often enough that it's noticeable.
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