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  1. Poweramp not opening on my phone. Just shows a black screen when opened. I am using viper os 7.1 on Samsung Galaxy grand duos i9082 Please help me ASAP... Thank you
  2. Album arts are not downloading. Most of the cases it shows no album art found but it used to do in previous versions
  3. The problem persists with that too but once in a while a could initialize it properly and use it for a few days
  4. And what does " test user-interface test, build 790 " mean
  5. 588 works and so does 704. The problem starts from further higher versions
  6. Build 790 is not feature complete and doesn't have delete option. It will be added in future update Pranav
  7. Tried that too but still doesn't work.
  8. Poweramp version 790,706,408,709 none of them are starting. They are stuck at initial license check screen... My phone is Samsung galaxy grand duo's.
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