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  1. I think the sleep timer should have the option to choose between time and a number of songs to be played before it turns off. I have songs of different durations and it's hard to play the ones I want by choosing time only, at least with a pre-set timer.
  2. I somehow fixed it but no entirely. I've got off the beta program, uninstalled the app, got back to the beta tester program and updated the app. Now a little bar appears, but doesn't changes the lock screen image for the one of the album. Still good enough until a official fix is found.
  3. I wasn't, now I'm in the alpha 709 and it's the same
  4. I have a Huawei P9 lite with android 7.0 and EMUI 5.0.1. I updated it recently and for some reason the album cover and lockscreen controls don't appear anymore, just the regular phone lockscreen. Before I updated the phone everything worked right.
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