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  1. Hello Poweramp team, shame we're still to see any response.... Many people I think are awaiting an update to the ratings system, as people have pointed out Poweramp doesn't use the file tags to store ratings - I have lost 1000s of ratings once again - for the 4th time - this time due to SD card corruption, this could easily be avoided if Poweramp was to store the song rating within the file not the app itself, so when I restore my backup the rating are still there! Also in the past I've lost many song ratings by moving song files to different folders... this would all be resolved by using ID
  2. Bumping this long overdue update! Shouldn't be difficult to implement..
  3. I'd like to see this implemented, also.
  4. I agree, also I've lost my ratings twice once when I dropped my phone (somehow..?) and another time when I moved all my audio files from phone to it's SD card. Export ratings would be nice
  5. Thanks for the response, looking forward to the update
  6. How do I create a playlist (how to I select all 4 & 5 * rated songs??) I can't find any way to select multiple songs quickly & effectively Also it would suck if I have to manually add each new top rated track to this playlist because this is what a proper top rated playlist should do automatically! Adding songs manually to a seperate playlist completely defeats the point.. and it'll become a complete pain in the ass with multiple 1000's of songs you'll have to sort through and add to the playlist, not to mention duplicates... gah..no, no no! I still stand by my point, the current "top
  7. Hi, first of all many thanks for this amazing app, i bought it within 10 mins of trying the demo - it was already he best audio player I've ever tried on android! So I spent about 8 hours rating 4000~ of my songs last night, only to find out the top rated playlist for some reason lists ALL rated songs! This means I can not play the list on shuffle, and its pretty pointless having a top rated playlist filled with songs of all ratings. OK they are sorted highest rating first but you can do that already in any playlist. My suggestion is to add an option in the config to only allow songs on the
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