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  1. I'm having this issue as well. I'm using a Galaxy S8+ (G955FD), stock Pie, build 823. Both the mini player and the main player show a different track info from the currently playing track. If I click on the currently playing track again then they work fine. Doesn't matter if the track title starts with a non alphabetic character or not.
  2. I think I found a bug that when I press the volume button (up or down), the volume would go to zero no matter what the current level is. I think it usually happens when I first open the app. I am using a Galaxy S8+ (G955FD) on Pie, with DVC enabled.
  3. Oh wow you gotta be in non-shuffled mode to be able to go back to the same playlist. Somehow I missed that. Thank you!
  4. Thanks, I see. I remember this wasn't the case in some older versions, since I use these dynamic lists quite regularly. Kind of a bummer if this is a design choice and not a bug. Well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. I mentioned this once before in the 807 thread, but I still have this problem with this build, no matter what the current playback mode is. Whether I play from Most Played, Recently Added, or Recently Played, tapping the cover art always returns to All Songs.
  6. I tried it but it didn't work. So I was in Recently Played and played a song. When I clicked on the album art it always went back to All Songs. Same for Most Played, Recently Added, or any playlists. It maybe a bug, I'm not sure. I'm using a Galaxy S8+ G955FD. EDIT: updated to the 808 and the problem still persists.
  7. Does clicking the album art always go back to All Songs now? That's kinda inconvenient.
  8. Sorry I don't know if this has been posted yet, but there's this lack of contrast for some albums.
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