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  1. When I press on shuffle on a playlist, it goes from a to z, always in the right order...very annoying, because I use shuffle all the time.
  2. Hey, thanks for the reply! I found out that the SD-Card has a different mount-point, therefore Poweramp doesn't recognize the folders. I did of course a backup of the Playlists but unfornately it doesn't seem to work. I try now to edit the Playlist and change the paths everytime...let's see if this works.
  3. Hey , today I had to format my SD-Card. Before i formated it, it was named "SD-Karte" on my phone. After formating it Android named it "SD-Karte von Samsung" and now Poweramp doesn't find my music folder anymore and also shows 0 titles in my playlist. Can I somehow change the name of the SD-Card or is there any option in Poweramp to change the path to the new one or can I edit the playlist? Please help I don't want to do create the playlists again from scratch...
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