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  1. Tienes la posibilidad de cambiar piel en ajustes
  2. II also with ALP-L29 PW Beta 793 But there is only one thing that gives me error, when I enter to Gmail stops playing sound with the OpenSL is I must return to change Open SL and returns sound. In addition the notification bar does not change color as in the beta 790. The rest great! Thanks MAX!
  3. Hello, I tell you that I have Oreo 8.0 xiaomi MI A1 rom stock Root. I will have mp3 file as you asked and I could not start PA even restarting the phone. Clear PA data started to work. Using Preview 790 but I let this work later and go to 705. Later I'll go back to 790.
  4. I found a new error. Entering the file manager and adding a song stops the app. But doing the same porceso with a song is within the library works correct. I hope someone try and comment. 2018_05_09_20_31_39.mp4
  5. I found a new error. Entering the file manager and adding a song stops the app. But doing the same thing with a song is inside the library works correctly. I hope someone will try and comment. 2018_05_09_20_31_39.mp4
  6. If you have problems with the operation you should delete the app data and restart. That solves some faults.
  7. Ahh ok now I understand ... for all Android. ? Not just for player. Sorry I misunderstood the question since it is a Google translator. regards
  8. It does it's just the default. Just look for the preset that you like. In audio output you must choose Open Sl HD and check headphones and voila.
  9. I think it's with the next lock I've had several problems with that app. With my A1 I do not have that lockscreen problem working well. Maybe you see some time to turn off to return but not always and I think that a rather big expense
  10. Esto todavía no funciona. Parece que para fin de mayo estará disponible o junio. Hay varios pequeños arreglos que solucionar pero esta muy bien.
  11. My xiaomi my A1 with oreo 8.0 works well it has off sporadic but nothing serious. Widget in taskbar works and screen lock is also correct. Equalizer at times it returns to default, correct bluetooth, downloading of covers also correct, Open sl HD seems to work correctly since I let myself choose. Start only from the application icon Very nice work
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