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  1. Just thought I should let you guys know that as I was sleeping Poweramp somehow took a file based playlist from 140 songs to 6. All without the files going anywhere. Please help
  2. Oh and the location of my songs never changed, but for some reason when Poweramp rescans it loses a lot of songs out of the playlists.
  3. I never experienced any problems with Poweramp when it ran off the system library. Maybe that's just the luck of my Galaxy S. Why can't it be at least an option to use the system library? You give us the option to disable it. The option to disable Poweramp's library, and stick with the system library, might just work better for some of us. Especially when building playlists in Winamp on my pc and then syncing them to the phone, they automatically show up in the system library but not Poweramp. More time spent importing.. etc.
  4. You guys have created a fantastic app, but I have just one request: give us the option to choose which library we would like to use, Poweramp's built in library, or our system library. I have a Galaxy S, and it used to be that your amp worked perfectly in this area. In fact playlists and the music library would update instantaneously, no rescan necessary. The moment a song was added to the device it appeared in my Poweramp library, I would be searching for a song, not see it there, transfer it to the device, and then go back to Poweramp and the formerly empty search field would show the song I just transfered, no memory lagg or freeze up. The music library was even available between every app on the phone. But then when Poweramp decided to make it's own music library, I understand there were some benefits to initial scan times, and multiple sd cards, but the headache just isn't worth it for a lot of us. Would you all consider giving us the option to at least use the system library instead of Poweramp's custom library? Please and pretty please, I beg you. I am a DJ, and as one passionate about my craft I do my best to have my phone equipped with solid playlists to pull from for any given moment in life where a good soundtrack is needed. There have been a ton of really great moments with this app! Your app's queue, search, playlists, crossfarder, and ui are unmatched in this regard! In a pinch I can dj off this app, and that's saying something. But the sad part is I have wasted COUNTLESS HOURS rebuilding my wonderful playlists. Yesterday I tried again, and exported the playlist after adding 140 songs to it. Then today after adding new songs to the device a rescan was triggered, bye bye went my playlist. I was left with 58 songs in the playlist, and an incomplete library, which required another rescan. I can see the playlists I exported in the playlist directory, but why doesn't Poweramp import them when I select import playlists? Do you see how frustrating this is? Yesterday I even began using Winamp!! It's just faithful.. but the UI is much worse and I went back to Poweramp only to find this happen. It seems arrogant of you guys, that you give users the option to disable the system library, but you don't give us the option to choose which library we like better. Please, let us choose.
  5. Please give us the option to turn off Poweramp's custom library, and stick with the default system library. On my Galaxy S, the system library works beautifully.
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