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  1. @maxmp Thanks for the update, been waiting for this and as usual you didn't disappoint, well worth the wait! I've been using Poweramp since 2011 and as most of us in this forum I still do. I just have one question, maybe someone here knows better - I use HTC U11 with Usonic earphones or with HTCs 3.5mm-USB C adapter (adapter has it's DAC integrated) and none of them seem to be supported on Poweramp hi - res output settings, even though the U11 seems to be HI-RES capable Is it missing in Poweramp as it's still incomplete (yes, i know it's a preview build) or am I missing something? Hi-res output was probably the most awaited feature of them all so I'm kinda bummed it doesn't work for me EDIT Nevermind, I'm just dumb found a way to enable it, now it works flawlessly. Thanks Max! You the best, keem them good features coming, we're all looking forward! By the way, am I the only one who can't even think about switching to iOS because the loss of Poweramp would be too much to cope with?
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