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  1. Me parece que eso es una función de Android, para evitar dañar tus oidos.
  2. So I have to unlock first? ? If I drag down the notification it shows the button, but it also prompts for password. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ibv2i15eiz48sog/poweramp_792_20180811.mp4
  3. The only thing I'm having issues with, is the lock screen. I would like to show the previous track button/icon, you can show it if you slide slightly down the widget however that gesture is also used to unlock my phone (Nokia 6, Oreo 8.1), so I can't use it. I haven't found anything about it in settings, so how can I always show the previous track button in the lock screen? P.S.: Thanks for your hard work Max.
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