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  1. I've got a OnePlus 7 Pro and I'd like to see the nice animations this player has but in 90 fps. It happens that once you get used to that screen frequency, 60 fps looks just laggy... It would be nice as an option you can change in settings depending on your display refresh rate.
  2. I use to listen music on my soundbar (it's a Bose Soundtouch 300) and in random moments, the music suddenly stops for around 1 second and then continues again, I'm using a moto z2 play with Android 8.0, dunno if it's an issue of my phone's software which I doubt because with other players with the phone's default equalizer doesn't happen. OpenSL HD is enabled for Bluetooth and I dunno if that could be the cause.
  3. Then I'll have to wait for my device to be supported? ?
  4. Oh, yes. I'm using version 709, and I have enabled the option in settings already, I'm trying the option with an aux cable to a stereo but it's maxed out at standard output.
  5. In the screenshot below, I'm playing a .wav file (1411 kbps, 44.1 khz and 32bit file) and it's limited to a standard audio output... I've got a Moto Z2 Play with a snapdragon 626 processor with Android Oreo, I think it should be able to support it.
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