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  1. Just tried with Siyah, no luck. Went back on CM9 stock one, performed full wipe and tried, no luck either. I checked with Google Music, it works (so head unit is not faulty). When I pause GMusic, it shows "PAUSE" on the LCD Display, and doesn't change at all when playing with Poweramp, like if no data was sent
  2. Yes indeed, 2.0.6 build 508, supposed to introduce BT support of Samsung phones (got an i9100) I tried with different BT settings (the last 2 in Misc/Tweaks about Metadata), but didn't managed to make it work on my Sony MEXBT3900U, whereas other Apps works flawlessly (but not as good as Poweramp in general), that's why I figured the App seems faulty. In fact, the head unit doesn't display "NONE" or "NO INFO", it is just plain empty Would a logcat be helpful ? Edit : According to your signature, only the head unit and kernel differs, may try Siyah tomorrow.
  3. I just tried Poweramp, and noticed this feature doesn't work, whereas basic App like Apollo (CM) or Google Music support it. Unfortunately, it's a showstopper for me, but I would gladly buy the App if it is supported in the next version. On a side note, I understand the dev may not have a BT head unit supporting it and it may then be difficult and quite long to implement.
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