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  1. Max, can you please fix the context menu shuffling? Only asking again cause you didn't respond in that statement.
  2. I see how it works now. In this case, the feature is not broken. It works completely as intended. Though my bug report still remains then haha. When I long press on a folder and select Shuffle (thank you for bringing back this feature), the expected behavior is that it starts shuffling all songs and subfolders down from the folder I long-clicked. This was the behavior in 1.4 and I loved it. The behavior now is that it goes in the first subfolder and shuffles everything in it before moving onto the second subfolder. This is not really shuffling any of the subfolders. It is just playing them in order and shuffling their contents. The expected behavior should be that it uses the "Shuffle All" mode but picks the folder I used to start the shuffle as the top level folder. I don't think it's a hard thing to implement. Can you do it? Perhaps an idea is to implement the Shuffle context to be as it was on 1.4 and add an additional button called Ordered Shuffle or something among those lines. The ordered Shuffle would have the behavior of the current 2.0 Shuffle context menu while the normal Shuffle will Shuffle songs from ALL subfolders randomly.
  3. I tried both ways (via context and via enabling it while a sing is playing). I an using hierarchy mode but it should not matter as it does it even when I click it while playing a song. What it does when activated for me is that it NEVER leaves the folder where it was enabled. In the hierarchy folder context mode, when the "Shuffle" is used it goes in the first subfolder and never leaves it. If for you it works completely, ill uninstall and try a completely fresh install though I think I did nothing wrong on my build.
  4. Given a starting folder it should behave like shuffle all but use the folder as a constraint.
  5. Hi Max. Thank you for all the bugfixes from beta 1 to beta 2. I found a BIG bug in beta 2 though. The shuffle songs/shuffle lists is completely broken. What it does currently: always stays in the same folder and picks random songs from there What it should do: Given a starting , it should act JUST like the shuffle all except that it has a constraint if what the top folder is. I'm pretty sure its a quick fix but it is a major feature. Can you fix it and upload beta 3 if possible today? Otherwise I have found beta 2 flawless and awesome.
  6. Question on the new rating system: I can put ratings into files from Poweramp and they work great but I have not gotten Poweramp 2.x to recognize a rating that I have set on my computer. Given I only use Foobar, the ratings it uses are embedded in the files. My question: What rating system does Poweramp read?
  7. You are indeed correct. I did mean hierarchy mode. Here are a few examples: /Music/Techno/ This folder will now have Dubstep, House, Electro, Progressive. In each of those folders are folders of the albums with the actual music files. In Poweramp 1.x I was able to long press on the Techno folder and select "Play All" from the menu. It would then play EVERYTHING in that folder and all its subfolders. The behavior is that it would put all of that into a playlist and will just play that. I LOVED that feature about Poweramp. It made navigating music so easy and pleasant as even friends who have never touched my phone would figure everything out within one minute. Now it's gone and I really don't wanna re-organize the 45GB of music residing on my Android phone. Can you please re-introduce it in the next 2.x beta build? Would be much appreciated. Also, thank you for the quick reply. PS: LIMITATION of current Poweramp 2.x: I understand I can just go deep down into one of the folders in my example (suppose Progressive) and pick a file. As I understand it, the current Poweramp 2.0 behavior is that it plays files in that folder but does not go up from that folder. If I set it to go up from the folder, it starts going everywhere as it starts going into folders that are not at all part of the "Techno" tree. This behavior is expected as I did not tell the program to only go up to Techno at all. With Poweramp 1.x, I basically cut it so it goes from Techno DOWN and is limited by the amount of subfolders of Techno. With Poweramp 2.x, it is confused how far up it should go and I think that's a good reason to re-introduce the old option back. It was very useful to people like me and very convinient
  8. I have installed and LOVE the new Beta 2.x of Poweramp. I've been a longtime PoweAmp user ever since it came out. However, on the new Beta I have either discovered a bug or a major feature was removed/moved. On Poweramp 1.x I could navigate the folders and when I like a folder I could open it, long press on it and play it (Using Play All). Poweramp would then Play anything in this folder and all folders included within the folder I chose. This allowed me to keep my music collection EASILY organized by styles and Poweramp was easy to use. On the 2.x beta, I no longer seem to be able to play a folder. I long press on a folder, Poweramp 2.0 opens the menu but there is NO "Play All". As a result, I cannot play anything in a folder. I can long press on a folder and click "Enqueue" and it will put all the music into a queue but Poweramp then starts skipping everywhere as soon as I hit next when I'm bored with a song. Furthermore, I can NEVER clear the queue so the more stuff I put into it, the bigger it gets (it gets very big VERY fast). Am I being an idiot? I went through ALL the options it seems and there's nothing about just playing a folder and its subfolders (treating it basically like a playlist). If I'm not being an idiot and that option was indeed moved somewhere, can someone tell me where it went? It's a major feature, for me anyway. Any help is appreciated. I think I will be downgrading to 1.x since I basically cannot use the player as I do not have any music navigation without the folders.
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