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  1. I am a paying customer - I have used the support form in the app several times to report the repeated failure of the license verification. I have a receipt for the full version of Poweramp and would like to use it without being made to feel like a criminal stealing a product. I do not want to end up writing an absolutely damning review on google play, as your player is extremely good indeed and out-performs the player on my PC! I have tried everything listed in the forum to rectify the matter at my end with no joy. I have had no reply and bought the product days ago now. I just want to listen to music without being insulted everytime I open the settings menu by the license verification failed message. I am now very angry indeed about this. You have a great product which is being crippled by the license verification. I have posted on the forum, but realize this is not the best way to contact you. I am sick and tired of going round in circles and having zero satisfaction regarding this. I am tearing my hair out trying to make this work to no avail. How do you expect your customers to enjoy your product if the license verification is utterly broken? Please please please rectify this matter asap. Thankyou.
  2. Hi there! - I wanted to say (and I will say it again and again!), that this is a fantastic music player which easily beats the music player I have on my PC hands down!!! As a sound engineer and audiophile, this app has now become my benchmark for ALL other music players, whether on PC, MAC, smartphone or otherwise!!! My one and only request, a small one, is to include buttons placed at the ends of sliders (eq, settings, etc,.), so that settings can be made more accurately. I have a smaller screen device (ZTE Blade S/ San Francisco 2), and making accurate settings can be a little fiddly at times! Other than that, this is the greatest sounding, most fully-featured music player I've ever had! Thank you so very much again!
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