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  1. Custom timestamps, or bookmarks, were my favorite feature of my ancient Zen Jukebox Xtra, one that I was amazed to learn wasn't an ubiquitous feature of audio players.
  2. This is definitely caused by embedded images, and it seems to be related to the proportion of the image size vs the mpeg stream. Despite previous tests not correcting the issue, I've fixed files in my library (typically 8-10Mb without art)under v796-797 by replacing the embedded arts with ones under about ~1Mb. To test, I created a series of images by exporting a large image in decreasing .jpg quality and embedded them in identical 2.1Mb MP3 files- on an MP3 this small I was surprised to see that even the 600Kb image caused the seek bar issue. Given the peaks in these screenshots it appea
  3. Yeah, the placement of the menu options is confusing (delete at the top? Why), as is the fact that the menu scrolls at all. There's enough room on a 9:16 screen for it to just... not scroll. It's an odd bit of design in an app that has recently become much more user friendly (swiping left/right in lists to go up a level? TONS of list sorting and display options? I love it) Literal MS Paint rework:
  4. I've had this issue going back to builds before the visualized bar, which really highlighted the issue. In my case removing/replacing the art did not fix the issue, but in any case I would classify that as a "workaround" as I haven't seen any piece of software unable to seek through the beginning of the ~100 files in my library affected by this bug. Winamp, VLC, MPC, apparently know how to deal with this offset. Diagnostic software (http://mp3diags.sourceforge.net/) does not detect any problem with these files or their tags. I can upload a number of affected files for investigation,
  5. Same. I pulled my SD card out of my S5 and put it in the S7, and Poweramp on the S7 couldn't see most of the art. Stock Google Play Store versions on both phones.
  6. Now that I'm using a phone with no hardware search button (thanks Google), I'm noticing that Poweramp's search function is behind a menu button (also gone, Google, why). I'd love to be able to drop, say, the link to Tone/vol and put a Search button in there instead.
  7. Yes! Settings -> Folder & Library -> Rescan (the first option). You can also set your library location here.
  8. There's really no reason to manually kill it. Android isn't set up like Windows or OS-X in terms of memory management. When you "minimize" an Android app, as long as that app doesn't have an active task, it will "freeze" and essentially stop using the CPU. It remains in memory so it can be "unfrozen" instantly when you want to use it again, and if the system needs memory for a new app, it finds the background app that's been inactive the longest and kills it to free the space. Task killers are useful ONLY as a fast way to kill STUCK applications. Android gains no performance benefit from havin
  9. Poweramp has the best implementation of Shuffle I've ever seen. What I'm asking for here is an option to disable particular shuffle/repeat methods from coming up when the toggles are tapped (but still displaying them all when the toggle is long-pressed. That way, for example, you could set the Shuffle button to cycle between just Shuffle All/Shuffle Lists/Off.
  10. As far as I know, notification controls actually AREN'T possible in Froyo or Gingerbread.
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