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  1. What's happened to the cover in notification ? 2020-08-12-18-37-19.mp4
  2. @maxmp I created a playlist called radio and into that I tap 3 dots and then I select add URL MP4_20191103_005844.mp4
  3. Hi I have a problem with streaming feature..... I can't steam those types of links (with extencion " .m3u8 ") .... http://radiom2o-lh.akamaihd.net/i/RadioM2o_Live_1@42518/master.m3u8 I can stream instead links like this with extencion " .mp3 " http://icecast.unitedradio.it/Virgin.mp3 Build 851
  4. Thanks I will stay on 192 khz
  5. Why when I set frequency to 384 or 352 khz for headphones in high-res menu there's no audio I have to set 192 khz I have a ZenFone Max Pro m1 on pie.... On Oreo I never encountered this problem ....on Oreo with 384 khz selected indeed there was an increase in volume
  6. Where is the option in settings to add slider in notification panel
  7. In the last build 820 there is an annoying bug, when I move a song from the internal memory to the external SD card Poweramp no longer recognizes the tags and the cover. Doing a complete scan it does not help. Someone can help me find a solution
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