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  1. Thank you both for your replies! @maxmp I don't really understand what you are saying... I have a fairly new Volkswagen with a built-in head unit which features Android Auto. I can connect my cell phone (Pixel 2) via USB cable and the head unit shows Google Maps, Waze, Poweramp, Spotify and a bunch of other apps. I know there are head units which run Android natively, This is not what I'm talking about. So if I understand you right, the UI using Android Auto (shown on the head unit but needs a phone connected) cannot be customized? @flyingdutchman If I got this right your skin will also not change the UI on the head unit, right?
  2. Hello there! Is it possible to create skins for Poweramp on Android Auto? I'd like to customize it a little bit, maybe even add some functionality... I'd like to have the album art a little bit bigger I'd like to replace the timer with the album name if possible, I'd like to add the star rating Is this post on how to create skins still valid? https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/3578-building-skins-quick-start-guide/ If these things are not skin-able, could they be added as options?
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