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  1. Good afternoon and thank you very much, it is the best player. I REPORT AN ERROR: when I am listening to any song, in 24 bits (HiFi) and I get some notification, for a lapse of 3 or 4 seconds, the song is heard in the headphones and in the telephone speaker, after that time they become to listen only in the headphones. I have already tried activating and deactivating the No Duck, as well as all the options in the category "Audio Events", without getting it resolved. It is worth mentioning that in the previous version it worked fine when activating the No duck, now that option does not work. Redmi Note 4 Global - Last Firmware - CRDROID 8.1 (test same in MIUI 10 Android 7.0) (3 + 32 & SD625)
  2. I cant restore purchase, install unlocker and PA 709 and open, but note finish yo verificate and say isn't cant comprobate ):, using LOS NIGHTLY MIDO, before version works fine
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