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  1. I'm very content with the new beta update, despite being aware of a few minor bugs. But one annoying thing for me is the automatic switch of EQ presets. When I attach an aux cable to my phone, Poweramp still recognises it as speaker output, headphones and headsets however get recognised as cable output. I assume it has to do with the pins/poles on the aux plug, I'm not an expert when it comes to this technology. But the default AudioFX EQ also classifies them differently, as headphone and line-out output. I would really appreciate it, if there was maybe an additional option to choose a preset EQ for this line-out output or have it be treated as headphone output.
  2. He refused to take money, so? Programming a new paid version means, he would have to accelerate his development process and neglect his actual job. Maybe risking your fixed job is not worth earning some extra cash from app sales. There is no guarantee he's gonna sell enough new versions to make a living. There are even posts of people in this thread who'd like to stay on the old v2. The majority probably won't care, but maybe not everyone wants to pay again or is content with the new UI or gesture navigation.
  3. What the hell is wrong with some people in this forum? Like for many others, Poweramp is the only player I'm enjoying for years and I'm thankful for having access to such a powerful, versatile application. I saw in this post, that the developer announced a free update with a feature and UI overhaul and was of course hyped, especially since v2 has this annoying notification bug in Android Oreo. Someone at least made a workaround for it and tbh, that's the only thing I care for when it comes to supporting an old application: compatibility fixes. Nobody of us is entitled to receive free lifetime upgrades for a 6$ app you bought once in an app store, in what kind of world do you live? The developer is not making any money from microstransactions or ads, so how exactly does he profit from you as a user who bought this app years ago? He most likely has a full time job, family and other hobbies, and have you ever considered the amount of work he put into this app? It's not like you write such a stable, feature-rich app by yourself in one week. Basically any developer, who sells a program you can purchase on PC, will charge you again for a new version or make you pay annually for ongoing support. I'm pretty sure there's none of you wanting to do work for free. Nobody here has been promised anything. The developer showed his progress on a free, I repeat, A FREE upgrade, then collected some feedback and went back to work on it, ironing out the bugs and adding additional features like the built-in skins, that change the UI back to clickable buttons and a different music progress bar. What else can you ask for? If you need people who talk to you on a regular base, this might be wrong place to look for. The app will be done when it's done and getting personal is not the way to go. Be thankful for what you have and what you're about to get, because this is just sad. If you have so much time in your life to regularly spam this forum with senseless complaints, you might as well want to rethink your life instead during said free time. I'm sure the developer knows exactly why he doesn't visit this forum more often.
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