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  1. Thanks for the tip, however after testing Automatag, it still misses a lot of album art. It also lacks an option to choose which fields should be automatically updated. Still useful in some cases. Poweramp always populate album art. Thats why I'd like the option to push/embed the album art it finds. Hope this makes its way to the next build. Cheers.
  2. Poweramp has such a great engine to search/generate album art. I also use "album art downloader (pc) and Poweramp is more accurate with minimal effort. I would love to see an option to embed the found/selected jpg's directly in the mp3 files if the user wishes to do so (with an overwrite option). Currently doing it through hoops, loops , scripts and mp3tag. This would be easier and more reliable, especially when changing one album art/file on the go. Fingers crossed 🤞. Thanks
  3. I have to travel in a remote location where wifi and cell connectivity will be unavailable; i have a large list of mp3 for which i'd like Poweramp to "pre download" all track art ( i prefer Poweramp downloaded art over other options ) before I leave so it is available/cached. Is there a way to force Poweramp to download all art without actually playing all files. Worst case I'll start playing a full playlist in background but it could take a while as i have over 10k files.... Let me know if feasible. Thx
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