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  1. On 8/23/2018 at 3:16 PM, hypomaniac-eric said:

    I like the Stellio UI pretty well but not the album covers being that small.  I like the album covers to fit the screen all the way.  And i love how the text is and the waveform and buttons.  if we can get a skin that incorporates qualities from both players it would be nice.  i can't wait to see some skins for Poweramp!!!!  Then us perfectionists can have something close to what we want.  I wish i was good at stuff like that.  

    Completely agree. Like this ui better than regular v3, much cleaner and intuitive, with title/track off of album art. Want full-size art to cover space though too! Still keeping original ui gestures. 

  2. 23 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    I've presumed that this was a sock puppet account for a while, but up until how he was just trolling rather than directly abusing other users, so I had no cause to ban him (I'm all for giving people the benefit of the doubt, and hey I don't need the hassle when I'm on vacation). However he has been sending highly obscene messages to me and I believe to other users, so garry_man has joined peter_falk in the bit-bucket and I've removed his messages. I wonder what name he'll come up with next so I can ban him again?


    May i suggest: " A**_Hole "? 

  3. On 7/9/2018 at 9:10 PM, Ans said:

    Didn't noticed that! Yeah it fixed! Thanks! But I have 1 problem with the track buttons while on the Lockscreen. The Prev. Song button is gone lol. I mean like there's nothing i can press there. Any idea? Or known bug? @Andre


    Yeah, it should have a Back button but no Forward button, since it's the "Final Song"! 

    Sorry, just trying to inject some humor.. Hope you figured out the problem.  ;) 

  4. 6 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    Oh I agree, I was just mentioning the idea of toggling the Shuffle icon in passing while I thought about it. It's the option for removal of the extra content over album art that the vast majority of users want (87% based on the poll).



    I, unfortunately for ONE, agree with you on most every point. As a power-user of PA since the first version, still think its the best player app available! But Max got it soo right early on, that change (for change sake) isnt always necessary. ;)

    The shuffle button has always been a bit of a pain for me too though, as  i very frequently want either ShuffleAll or No shuffle/no repeat functions, and like you have to scroll through all options... 

    Completely agree that menu-based options are the way to go. They let all users decide what they want or do not want and set up accordingly. Then you only have to set it up once, and its there the way you like it. 

    Still dont think text over album artwork looks good. And the UI is so pretty, otherwise.  :(

  5. @utahman1971,

    Dont understand why you are always taking things so personal. He quoted you only FOR context, to explain the situation with Samsungs and how and why they don't work with the app. It wasn't really directed at you--its just information--possibly helpful for any Samsung user on this forum, so he need not repeat it a hundred times. 

  6. 13 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    Yes, all releases will run on a tablet. There is no special customisation of the display though, it will mostly look like a large phone screen.


    Thanks, Andre. 

    Yes, i had went ahead and uploaded 709 (from704) on my S3 tab last night...Seems to be functioning well! Need to use Open SL output, but still sounds good (not HR output). Must say (for fear of reprisal) that the 7xx builds still look amazing on a big sharp screen, particularly with hires art. That's another reason i don't like any boxes covering the album art - its kinda like going from the old beautiful LP art to a cassette or cd. ;)

  7. 57 minutes ago, Timmy Fox said:

    Uh, just a curiosity here since I don't feel it's been made clear enough; What's the difference between this (706/707) and the "older" beta (790)?

    Haven't tried running either yet but judging by the version numbering I'd assume 706/707 are relatively minor updates from the, at this point, rather old 705 build (mainly for compatibility purposes and some minor bugfixes) as opposed to being further updates to the rather more experimental build 790 which dropped rather recently as well. Is this correct?

    703~707 are the Alpha builds, 790 is a beta build for the new material-design based Version 3 of Poweramp. It will be the new fully-featured version when complete. 

  8. 2 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    Exactly the same here. Also, nothing they have released since has a bigger or more usable screen (especially width-wise). I keep looking at each new Note and asking: is it better than what I've got? And so far the answer has been no. The processor power is starting to struggle a bit with some modern video codecs though.


    I waited for years and decided to upgrade from Note 3 to 7. That didnt go well. ? Had to turn the first one in and get replacement, Got stung by a bee while standing in line at my local verizon store (and im allergic). Then had to turn in 2nd one after the total recall of device. It was fast and sharp, and Poweramp seemed to work well even with expermental hi-res out (think it was a703--never posted as phones were recalled and seemed irrelevant). Voice quality not as good as 3. Then went to LG v20, which has amazing SQ, and unfortunately probably last phone with removable battery. :(

  9. Build 706: Hi-res Output seems to be working great for me now on LG V20! Sound is loud and dynamic with either output. Sounds great!

    One thing I've noticed is that when listening to music via PA (headphone jack), if i get a notice (email, text alert) the sound (music on PA) briefly starts playing through the phone's speaker (during the alert sound) rather than wired headphone. 

    @Andre: glad to know someone else is still using a Note3 ;) Mine is still going strong. Main reason i like replaceable batteries. On 4th battery in Note3, and second in V20, gives it new life! Currently testing build 790 on note3 as i need to wait for EQ profiles to be able to export. 

    Anyone tried build 706 on Samsung S3 tablet? (704 still works well). 


  10. 1 hour ago, utahman1971 said:

    Sorry, about the blown fuse. Just tired of Samsung wait for update to Oreo, and it put me off, and took it out on this. I tried the 705 and sounds good with Hi Res but too bad the DVC is not working for Android 7.0, even disabled or on, the volume is low. I rather have DVC disabled until it is fixed, so I do not blow my ears when it does come back for Nougat. Then again, I still might have Oreo by then.

    NOTE: Direct Hi-Res does not support DVC for Samsungs @ Android 7 (but Hi-Res + DVC is supported by OpenSL HD for Android 8+, or for Samsungs @ Android 5/6)

    705 does sound great on my v20! Amazingly. 

    Hey, even though ive said a few things that i didn't like about 790 as a beta, i dont feel that i am a complainer. Nor have i found a better player app. Kind of felt max wanted it more finished before he put it out as it is, but still think he will get it done, and wants it to be great himself. 

  11. 6 hours ago, Ameya28 said:

    The 705 will most probably be a legacy version along with v2 now that hi res is working in it.. this enables max to focus solely on v3 now .. i think it was a good move ..as notification as well as hires and other bugs are ironed out from the alpha

    I agree. Don't think this is a bad thing, he's just finishing up the remaining issues in the alpha. The problems for him or that there are now so many different devices, and Android is maturing now, but with many people also on old devices that will never get a newer OS pushed to them. I can see using my LG v20 for a few more years for sure, even if i move to a new phone, it will be a great music player for awhile longer, as the SQ is good, and the battery is replaceable. 

  12. 26 minutes ago, utahman1971 said:

    Guess I will have to deal with backwards is acceptable. Alpha is usually first, which means is before beta, and beta is just before finalizing, which is not really what is going on here, in this case. Development process alpha, then beta, then final. We are going, alpha, beta, alpha, beta, not sure if we are getting anywhere closer to final. I mean it took two weeks, just to end up with an update to alpha, instead of beta. Beta is no where closer. Just might look at Blackplayer sooner than I thought.

    But wait, i thought 790 was already perfect, for You. At least you have been pointing that out every other post to all the other "whiners" and "complainers." 

    I agree that 703/704/705 certainly seem more of a beta build and 790 more of an alpha. But why now complain that Max is helping others with the 705, and threaten to leave to another player? 

  13. On 5/4/2018 at 7:40 PM, andrewilley said:
    43 minutes ago, Random.Potato said:

    lol. i just dont get it why people love to use FX or something enhancement like that. many musicians, mixers, audio engineers and mastering engineers already put all of their best works into an album or songs so that album/songs is the best in terms of sound quality.

    so why people like adding something like FX or enhancement? it ruins their hard works. is that only to perceived more or better sound quality than they do inside a studio? lol

    i prefer flat EQ and absolutely with no FX or audio enhancements or something that altering the original sound quality.

    In a perfect world, i agree with you. Flatness of frequency response is desired. And i hate Presets or 'generalized' EQ settings. But EQ is supposed to be used FOR flattening frequency response. With the equipment as well as the listening environment. I have sound treatment in my studio and a 31 band graphic as well as parametric eq rack, which also allows for mic input to measure the room acoustics. Most just use eq to "pump up" the frequencies that they enjoy, but it should mostly be used to attenuate spikes, and flatten responses throughout the octaves. Also, we dont all hear the same though, and personalized EQ isnt necessarily a bad thing. Thats the main reason i want 790 to be finalized, to be able to restore all of my EQ presets. I have a preset for every headphone, IEM, as well as my studio, car, ect. as they all sound different in terms of the equipment limitations and acoustic environments. 

  14. 7 minutes ago, PeterFalk said:

    Now just urgently needed the update with the patched jambs of the library. The rest can close your eyes. But someone here said that Max will only release a fully working version. Everything is much prose - the interface is written on the knee for a couple of days, as the player stopped buying in the market.

    Why are YOU even still here? You insisted countless times this update would NEVER HAPPEN at all. 

  15. 3 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    I think the issues here are more that:

    (a) people (naturally) want to see the whole of the cover art, thus control functions and information text might be better located elsewhere on the screen rather than obscuring the thing you wanted to see in the first place. In fact it was a regularly raised issue on the 700-704 builds complaining that it was no longer possible to hide the icon panels - and 790 is actually much worse in that respect, not better. If you're going to have large floating text boxes, why not put them over the new huge seekbar, rather than the covering the art that people want to see?

    (b) the wavebar looks amazing, and works really well as far as it goes - I really like the appearance, and the ease of making small movements - e.g. going back 10-15 seconds within longer tracks (I'd actually like a floating +/- relative time display during swipes, as well as seeing the absolute time, though). However it is of less practical use than before in that you don't get a visual indication of exactly where within the track is currently playing (10%, 50%, 75% complete?) and you can't move to everyhere within the track in one swipe, you are limited to about half of the track length per swipe.

    In short, all the new stuff is lovely and has obviously taking a long time to develop, but there will be a lot of resistance if adding all the pretty new bells and whistles is actually at the expense of removing existing core features.


    E  x  a  c  t  l  y  .               Plus, the black boxes are a visual distraction for the otherwise beauty of the entire design. 

  16. 40 minutes ago, BROKEN said:

    I still don't see the need for buttons. You say it's more clicks to use the buttons on the notification area. I just don't see how. It's on the lock screen.

    It's more clicks to get to desktop, open Poweramp, then go to the next track.

    But, you are NoLongerWorking. 

    (Sorry, couldn't help it, as Andre said "if it AIN'T broke"). ?

    Seriously, I'm becoming torn between buttons and gestures. Just really dont like those black boxes over the art. 

  17. 3 hours ago, Ameya28 said:

    Well your wishes aren't gonna come true it seems.. personal preference is fine but there are other people who are fine some happy about the the new ui... In Short , your complaints .... Terrible ☺️

    He has a very good point about the white: the design (at least currently without skins) is problematic when the album art is white (try the beatles "White Album" for instance)-the controls almost disappear. It also is pure white when no album art displays. I think this will be remedied with updates, but it certainly is a consideration with the design. 

    I LIKE the overall visual design of the v3. And i am not against gesture control at all. I did like the up/down album gesture in 704. And i like swiping for track advance. I agree with Andre about the mutiple areas of swiping though, that is much harder than buttons. 

    But the black boxes with type covering the album art LOOK horrid. Its not pretty and is a stark contrast to the other well-implemented elements of design. The waveform scroller is visually appealing and works well. Its much easier to control and is very fluid. But i just dont think it needs to be quite as big. It could be a smaller and allow for the track listing to be placed off of the art, and not even affect the control functionality. The more i use it the more i like it--but frankly, i dont need to use it very often. Why would you constantly need to scroll around in the track? I can see it in an editing function but not for basic music listening. But what bothers me more is that the waveform is not very accurate!  ? It draws more attention than any visual element (including album art) but doesnt sync well with the actual music. (I have degrees in both recording engineering and graphic arts, so this just makes me crazy) ? 

    Hopefully when the v3 is completely finalized, some of these issues will be worked out. On my device, 790 seems way more of an alpha version than 704 was. I am getting constant crashes with 709 as well, 704 seems more of the beta/more stable version. 






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