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  1. Hey Max just following up...a Poweramp update was recently issued, but there was no fix to the ratings issue I mentioned previously? I was told this was in the works...what gives?
  2. The honest answer is much appreciated. I hate being given the run around. Keep up the great work Max! Very excited for ratings sync to complement my Media Monkey library!
  3. Poweramp is definitely one of the better audio players available for android, but ratings support (in addition to Playlist syncing and tag editing) are on my top 3 must haves. I purchased this app expecting something as advanced as Poweramp would already have that built in. I appreciate the speedy reply and confirmation that it is a planned feature. Can you tell me a general time frame of when I can expect it to be implemented?
  4. Any RATINGS support coming soon??? I paid for this app and am waiting for ratings support to finally make the purchase worth it....
  5. Can't wait for ratings to sync...update on progress?
  6. Can't wait for ratings sync to be enabled so that I can sync properly with Mediamonkey! Is there an estmated date as when this will be available? Thanks!
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