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  1. another one has trouble reading. already reported bug, cmon kid, just read
  2. obviously you are another of those peoples writing nonsenses after reading just newspaper titles
  3. You don't know what I'm talking about. I'm not complaining about ETA or other things like that. Three or four people reported issues with lineageos 14.1 and Poweramp (alphas/betas/whateveryouwant), someone attacching logcat, someone else screenshot. App won't open at all. I know what I paid for, so he can keep my money, that doesn't mean that he can't be polite and at least answering "ok, I know you have a BIG issue".
  4. Dear Max, your last two years acting was, at least, disrespectful and now you keep continuing ignoring people. You already taken my three euros, keep that, you have my money but not my respect anymore.
  5. this is what I see after launching new build uploaded to store
  6. same here on n7100 (note 2 with lineage 14.1). only 703 working. 705/706/790 black screen.
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