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  1. @maxmp There's a bug in Poweramp V3 . The music doesn't play through the Earphones even when they are connected. Audio simply plays through the phone's speakers Happens like 5 in 10 times/Day Using OnePlus 5 with 24Bit Audio On I have to restart my phone , then audio starts coming through the Earphones Please refer to the video attached VID-20181123-WA0005.mp4
  2. Oh , but it used to work fine with Poweramp V2
  3. @maxmp I just noticed a bug with the Lockscreen notification . Please see the attached picture . As you can see the notification isn't expanded by default,l. I have to explicitly unlock my phone to expand it Notice how Spotify is expanded by default on Lockscreen for comparison Using OnePlus 5 - OOS 5.1.6
  4. Apologies , OOS earphone mode was the culprit. No issues now Thanks ! Nishchay
  5. @maxmp New bug in Release 800 I have 24 Bit Audio On , and whenever i plug in my earphones the music turns on , even when i have that option turned off in Headset Settings. Using OnePlus 5 and running OOS 5.1.5
  6. How do you explain the same with Spotify or any other music player for that matter ? Also , this was not the case with Poweramp V2. See Spotify screenshot attached with the same security settings i have applied EDIT / UPDATE : I Reinstalled Poweramp and notification started showing again. Case closed.
  7. @maxmp I am running oxygen os 5.1.5 on my OnePlus 5. I have my fingerprint setup on my phone with notification settings as hide sensitive content on lockscreen. Now when my phone is locked and Poweramp is playing i am unable to change music from my lockscreen. I have to explicitly unlock my phone in order to access the Poweramp music notification. This wasn't the case with Poweramp V2 Please see the screenshot attached.
  8. Hi @maxmp I have noticed a bug , whenever i open Poweramp after some time interval ( like 2-3 hours ) , and it try to toggle now playing screen through the minimized bar at bottom the now playing screen doesn't open at all.
  9. @maxmp @KUSOsan This works fine now , after a restart.
  10. @maxmp I've found a bug , when i connect through bluetooth to my car system i am not able to forward/reverse the songs using physical buttons on my car This used to work perfectly before
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