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  1. +1 on this request of crossfeed. Crossfeed is better for listening. Here is an OpenSource library: http://bs2b.sourcefo...t/bs2b_lib.html
  2. +1 on this request. Sometimes is a pain to listen music on my phone (using PM, off course!)
  3. I don't see a field in ID3 for that. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ID3
  4. I mean something like youtube is doing now. Not sorting the videos by click times, now is sorting by how much of the video was watched. More info: http://youtubecreator.blogspot.com.es/2012/10/youtube-search-now-optimized-for-time.html
  5. Ha! What I do to reduce the earphone fatige is to use from time to time in mono. But this solutions sounds so much better! +1 in this request! Cannot be done by setting the Stereo X feature? I don't know how, but maybe... BTW, the settings for Stereo X are shown by pressing the "Stereo X" word.
  6. I don't have such headphones with that issue... But reverse stereo sounds like a good idea to have. BTW, I get a lot of this issue with extension cords. +1 on this request.
  7. Great news! Is great news for pleople like I that don't have earbuds with buttons. Thanks!
  8. +1 on this request. It work by default on CM10, but I want to have it on my stock ROM also. Please, could you think about including this feature to Poweramp? Thanks!
  9. It will be great to have statistics on how many paybacks a track has. For example could give us: What's the most played track Could determine which are the most favorited songs, based on the songs that are played all along and not just a few seconds (a few seconds, because I manually skip them) Using this data, could populate a new playlist on the most liked songs Using this data could offer a filter of the songs that was less played... and make a playlist of these songs to "discover new music on my phone" (discover the songs I don't play often)
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