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  1. Max I tried your advice but to no avail, impossible to make it work. Downgraded back to v828 and everything ok again. Strange though, other music players like Google Music Player and ddb2 have no such issues on Android 9.
  2. Upgraded to v840 and the same problem reappears: "No Track Info Available" on my Car Audio System. Downgraded again to v828 and the tags reappeared again...
  3. Tag display via Bluetooth in my car started working again after downgrade to v828 without any tweaks or other manipulations. It looks like as from v829 a regression crept in.
  4. On Oreo 8.1 I had no problems with BT tags on my BMW 3 touring (2015) so I never checked the settings in developer options. By the BT app I mean the BT system service, only visible when you choose "Show System".
  5. The following fixed the issue: 1. Enable Developer options in Android 9 2. In Developer menu change AVRCP to v1.3 instead of default 1.4. 3. Turn off battery optimization for Bluetooth app in system settings.
  6. Tried that to no avail. It worked only once in the car after a factory reset of Android Pie. But then all of a sudden it stopped working...
  7. After update of NOKIA 6 2017 (TA-1021) to Android Pie, Music Tags are not displayed anymore in Car Audio via BT. The DDB2 music app still shows the tags of the music file via BT on android Pie.
  8. In the v79x branch "Resume on Wired Headset" stopped working. Not observed with the v70x branch. Also in the v79x branch, sometimes there is no sound output when a new song begins. Stop/Pause will bring the sound back. Nokia 6 2017 Oreo 8.1.
  9. On a Nokia 6 (Snapdragon 430) I cannot start this new beta preview. Keeps on restarting.