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  1. Hi Technoviking10, The setting is under Settings > Others (or miscellaneous) > Advanced settings > Keep Service enable (I translated this from French so this may not be the correct labels) Kapcash
  2. Well... no. So this fixed the problem, thank you so much! Have a good day!
  3. Hi Poweramp users, I'm using Poweramp with a bluetooth headset on build 703. Everything is fine except one thing: If I take my headset off, it has to stop playing music and resume it when I take back the headset. It works fine if I only take off the headset for 2 seconds, but longer causes the app to close (removing the notification) and I have to reopen it to press play manually. I have the option checked : "Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Resume On Bluetooth". Thanks for help
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