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  1. LG G5. Android 7.0 Snapdragon 820 Strangely working Hi-Res (Exp) Output for Android 7.0 I reboot the device - with Hy-Res (Exp) works through the headphones. a couple of manipulations such as re-distort the headphones or close / open the player and that's it. Hi-Res (Exp) does not work. there is a sound instead of headphones-in the speaker. turning off the Hi-Res (Exp) does not help until I reboot the phone again. if I turn on the other pins-all work except Hi-Res (Exp)
  2. игрок оказался лучше, чем ожидалось, супер ! Я не думал, что вы можете сделать лучшую версию 704 .. [Mod] English translation: the player turned out better than expected, super! I did not think you could make the best version of 704 ..
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