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  1. Thanks for the clear explanation, is not really a super deal breaker but i will miss being able to forward in a song without having ty unlock the phone lol
  2. Poweramp lock screen doesn't work in Android Q, I'm sure you're prolly working on that but since I'm currently on Q, figured id mention it as everything else seems to be working fine
  3. Thanks for that clear explanation... Add that filter feature as something I'd like added back. Making a whole playlist or adding to enqueued ain't steps i wanna do lol
  4. Maybe I'm missing the option, but how come when you search an artist and it shows the lost of songs, if i play one of them, it won't let play the next song in the search results, it'll instead play the next alphabetical song from my entire library, rather annoying
  5. It's exactly the same. I'm going for this example "Genre > Top 40 >" and then they come out like that but i know for sure each artist and "album artist" is listed correctly for each track and i haven't changed those files from when i wasv on V2, mad annoying
  6. @maxmp This is still an issue with the h current release, seems it's the only thing that you haven't addressed, it's all ONE ALBUM, just has various Artist.. unless you literally go into the actual folder that those songs are in, it shows up like in the photo as a separate album for each artist which is super annoying. Hoping this is fixed eventually as it's the only bug/problem I've come across
  7. The Various Artist albums showing up separated is STILL AN ISSUE.
  8. They are, it's all one album, but with 30 different artist so it shows up like this, instead of all being under ONE icon line they use to be in V2
  9. Hey @maxmp I'm still having that issue with the various Artist album's from the previous version where each artist shows up as a seperate version of the same album... Any progress on this?
  10. Still having the same issue with the album's that have Various Artist show up all seperated instead of as a single album. Also sometimes on the lock screen when switching to the next track it will still show the track i was listening to prior
  11. Its turned on, has been even for the previous version you released.. i made sure to check all options before i posted anything lol
  12. Tried this also doesn't work.. Whether it's Under the ALBUMS option or GENRE > "WHATEVER'S GENRE CHOSEN", if it's a SINGLE album with various artist it will show up like in my previous picture with each artist being seperated.. The only way to see all artist under one album like it should be is to go Under the FOLDERS option like in this photo (streets of Paris is the "various artist album and each is trashed correctly)
  13. It's Genre > Top 40 (for this example in the pic).. back in V2 all those artist would just be under one icon instead of being seperated for each artist...
  14. This is what i meant , this is all one album but each artist shows up seperatly instead of just under one thing..
  15. Everything seems to be working smoothly so far but still getting this seperate option for each artist when this is all ONE album https://imgur.com/a/nB3bPr8
  16. Anyway to implement a change for this, when i hit in this example: Genre > Top 40 it shows me the album's but EVERY SINGLE ARTIST is under their own tab, in V2 with this same scenario everything under that "Streets Of Paris" album (in image below) would just be ONE icon and all songs would be there.. This new way is super wack lol everything else is cool tho lol especially the transitions V3Example
  17. Thanks guess I'll cave in and try this now lol
  18. Before i try out this version can anyone tell me if this feature still works the same. I have artist listed under the same album name but different genres.. So for example if i have an artist songs under Reggaeton and a few songs under say Merengue, when i go to said genre only the songs i have under that specific genre will show up even tho it's the same album..
  19. beta v3 is cool.. only complaint i see is that he's done what most music players do and seperate the artist from a single album/folder into its own seperate entity... to further explain, one album with 50 different artist all under the same genre,instead of me just being able to click on that album ( i usually go genre >> album) now i see every single artist in that album seperated into 50 different choices under said genre,super annoying and was the one thing i loved bout this app that it didnt seperate everything like every other basic music player does... hopefully this is fixed in th
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