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  1. I have the new v3 793, but honestly I do not like the new UI and there is a lot of other stuff that does not work and make the app unusable for me at the moment, like it resets list options every time. I do not want to wait till it gets an update (btw when is the next release planned?). I just want to rollback to what i had before (I think 709). I know I can download it. But my question is will it keep my settings, album covers, Playlists and rating? I do not want to start all over again. I know I can export Settings, but I would care more about my album covers and ratings, will they get delet
  2. The album cover search is pretty good, but it would be really cool if I can search on my own. Player Pro for example has a function where you can enter your own search term. I miss this funtion for Poweramp. I do not know what search engine, Poweramp uses to search for covers, but I think it is esay to implement something like a google image search where you can enter your own terms and find the rigth cover. I know there is already a function to add a album cover from SD card, but that way is long-winded.
  3. Thank you for this detailed answer. It was very helpful! I think I have understood the concept now.
  4. Hey guys! I am using Poweramp Alpha (latest build) for quite a while now and I am pretty happy with it. But I have a question about the different play modes (see the red circle on the screenshot). I use this app nearly 1 year now and I still have no idea what the different modes are about. I understand the normal random function, which plays ALL songs randomly. But there are 3 other random functions, which I mostly do not understand. But maybe there is more which I did not understand about Poweramp. Well so can someone explain me these modes: Play songs in order, but lists
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