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  1. Not exactly. I wanted filename in lists. Not in player UI (as in the screenshot I uploaded). There was an option in V2. In V3 filename would either replace song title EVERYWHERE or nowhere.
  2. Yeah, it shows the filename instead of just song title. Please include this slight improvement in the next update. Thank you! 😁
  3. @maxmp @andrewilley please take a look at this. Thanks 😁
  4. Yeah. There's nothing you can do about the text over the album art, for now. It bugs me a little as well. I wish the text could be there instead of visualization, repeat, shuffle icons. And those icons could work the same as in v2.
  5. Turn off "double tap to wake the screen" option. It turns on the screen in the pocket. Another thing is see if you can hide Poweramp notification from the lockscreen. Many devices have the option, many don't. As for me, I have turned off every notification on the lockscreen and that's why Poweramp widget doesn't show on lockscreen.
  6. @Crunch turn off the "alternative layout" in the skin options. This also increases the album art size, as you can see in the screenshot.
  7. No,you aren't screwed 😁 There is an option. Go to rot rated list, click on the '3 dots' and then on the 'list options' 😉 (I haven't rated anything, so my top rated list is empty)
  8. @Crunch there are some some themes available on Google play which give you a straight line seek bar instead of waveform. Search "Poweramp v3" on Google play store and you will find them. Most of them are free and have even more options to customize the UI. I am using one myself.
  9. I think there was an option of changing songs by swipping right-left and changing albums by swipping up-down in V2. Gesture control option must be there in my opinion. @maxmp please take a look into this bro 😁
  10. The default Android music lockscreen UI doesn't work well on many devices or on custom roms (I have witnessed it myself). Also have limited option like just pause-play and next. That option in V2 to turn off the default Android lockscreen and have an exclusive Poweramp widget on lockscreen with very limited options (such as changing song and albums, repeat and suffle) was the best. It didn't allow you to have full access to Poweramp on the lockscreen (the way it is on V3 if you enable "show on lock screen"). Please please please keep the Poweramp lockscreen UI the same as in V2.
  11. Is there an option to disable swipping the album art left-right, which changes the song? If yes, where? If no, please include it in the next update. Thanks 😁
  12. Lockscreen widget is not at all working for me for some reason. But I think turning everything off in "lockscreen" option would disable from lockscreen for you.
  13. I mean when you scroll down or up in your list by swipping up or down, the speed is very less or the (or rather scrolling is less sensitive) compared to that of v2. I got more than 500 songs in one folder and scrolling through it requires swipping more times in v3. You can try that installing both versions and see for yourself.
  14. There's plenty of apps for that. This feature will only bring more ads and nuisance.
  15. I agree with you. Using a simple search in settings would be really helpful for everyone.
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