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  1. 2 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    Button colours can be changed be using skins, or skin settings.

    That label would only show if your music is incorrectly tagged, what does Info/Tags show for that track? You can currently hide the warning for missing album titles ("Unknown Album") but not the artist level. It might be a good idea if that option could hide both of the "unknown" messages though; if you don't want to see one of them, then you probably don't want to see the other either. 


    Info/tags is blank for artist so that what there should be an option to hide artist label.... And I am talking about the white time label when we select light theme... Hope you got me 

  2. 8 hours ago, riblee said:

    Dude you obviously don't know anything about programming, especially the time required when you are an one man army in a very big project and succeeding in providing a quality product. So please stop griefing, forum will be still here after you go out and get lots of fresh air..

    LOL... It doesn't takes months after a beta release... It you who don't know how to provide n deal with the people who have trust 

  3. 1 hour ago, utahman1971 said:

    One thing that has been bugging me about this final we are waiting for v3. If we are on beta, and it is finalized, will we get the update via play store? Also, if signed up on beta, will we keep getting beta updates or do we need to go out of beta on play store to stick with final v3? I assume as v3 is finalized that Max would move to v4 phase. That would mean after installing v3 final, that we could just stay off beta until later for v4 beta if we wanted. Especially, after we saw how long it took to go from v2 to v3. I rather have a stable v3 than stuck on alpha or beta all the time.

    LOL... This question I don't think so need to be answered right now as he his not even clear when he will release v3 this year or next year... So let him work n release the new build first ?

  4. 4 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    And as you said, that old info (which was always stated as being provisional anyway) was updated just so people don't have to worry and whinge about it at the time. It wasn't "removed" in some secretive way, it's still there: 

    As has been said so many times here, releases will happen when they happen. I'm afraid you will just have to live with that fact, and if you don't like it you are perfectly free to switch to a different player.


    It's not about liking it or not... It's about the fact that developer always fails with his promise... And about switching to other player than why should I... I have paid for the same... So definitely everyone who has paid for the same has right to question... Developing app is difficult but not that it takes these many months... Definitely not after releasing the beta build... 

  5. 1 hour ago, LPW00 said:

    When i bought my phone, the manufacturer guaranteed updates for at least two years, so it was part of the deal. People here complain because they want the next beta, the v790 is barely a month old. And on top of that, Max never posted an exact release date.

    He did posted a schedule which was later removed by Andre... You don't know so better don't say.... MAX had said the beta build 390 with all features will be coming by May end.... Followed by the final release by June early weeks.... 

  6. 9 hours ago, LPW00 said:

    Damn, people here are stupid. On one side, they annoy everyone with eta requests and when Max finally is annoyed enough that he just says anything to make them stop, they complain that he couldn't keep his "promise", that they pressured him to make. On xda u can get banned for eta requests and I have no idea, why it isn't done here.

    U'r so toxic, calling him a untrustworthy person etc. F*** off, try to develop anything and u'll realize, it's not just pushing a button, it's work. Work he doesn't get paid for. Work he does in his free time, next to his regular job (I suppose). U paid for Poweramp v2. U paid for the current state. Everything u get now, is a f***ing bonus. A bonus, which toxic a*** like u do not deserve. 

    For the sake of all the others, I hope Max doesn't agree with me and continues developing anyways. He wouldn't be the first to stop developing because of a toxic community. Unlike other projects, Poweramp is unique, have fun trying to find a replacement if he stops.

    Sorry to say... But it doesn't take years to develop.... So in this case you are wrong.... If the developer isn't sure about the release of the new build than he himself should not give the eta... Even I m a dev...but do deliver it on time.... And the thing about paying... If you buy a cellphone do u pay extra for the updates..? No... Still u expect it... So even if we paid for v2 we have rights to ask about the update... Bcz we trusted that's the reason we paid... 

  7. 3 hours ago, Ameya28 said:

    It was updated just this month.. care to check the release version atleast befote commenting?.Personally the eq and effects of Jetaudio feel like unnecessary makeup to sound .

    The alpha 790 was released in April.... May was the month for feature complete build for test and PlayStore release was planned for June early day as per MAX however later that was removed from the post by Andre... 

    So just stop expecting anything as not even a single new build is released as alpha... Let's see how many days or months more... ?

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