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  1. When click on Edit Tags... Keeps stopping... Problem raised after updating to latest build 850 @maxmp
  2. @maxmp here another user with same issue... I m on android 9 and he on android 7...so please check
  3. I m on Nova Launcher 6.2.3... Can you check why am I getting such... And let me know what setting I need to do
  4. When change icon... It shows 2 icons instead one... Even tried restarting and everything.... Using Oneplus 5 with Nova Launcher
  5. Info/tags is blank for artist so that what there should be an option to hide artist label.... And I am talking about the white time label when we select light theme... Hope you got me
  6. Anyway to hide that label? If not than can you add an option @maxmp and also an option to make buttons white?
  7. Can you give same option of white and more light for play pause button as well as the song time remaining and current
  8. There should be an option to hide artists n all on now playing screen....
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