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  1. for me even play pause is not working on 703 and 704. I use Beats Solo 2 wireless.
  2. no doubt sony is great and you can have their wired in ears within 20 euros but according to my personal experience, try these from VAVA: In Ear Kopfhörer VAVA Dual Treiber Ohrhörer Headset Wasserdicht Mikrofon & Inline Steuerung für Freihändiges Telefonieren kompatibel mit iOS Android Smartphone Tablet, 3.5 mm Audioanschluss https://www.amazon.de/dp/B01NAJ25SG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_T.mZAb5BXC21F You will not regret!
  3. Sorry guys to bother you here.. what does Poweramp v3 test means? is it the latest version that gonna be released in beta later on or is it just 703 or 704? Because clicking 'Get v3 test' on Poweramp settings lead me to the beta test page. I have become a beta tester but from there all I can have is the google play link where I can download only up to 703.
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