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  1. Too much little bugs for a release candidate imho!
  2. Merci for your help anyway. I had a answer today asking me if I want to change my mail account.
  3. Btw Andre, are you the one monitoring that email support account by any luck?
  4. Hello, np. Just resent! Hope we get that sorted before I got the trial version finish...fingers crossed...
  5. And still no answer to my email What should I do?
  6. Merci for your help, unfortunately it didn't help. I just uninstalled the version I had, reinstalled the one from the site, and now it ask me to install yandex store. Should I? I'll send a mail as you suggested. Thanks you.
  7. Hello, I just purchased a license but I can't activate it. Since I don't have Google Play Services on my device, I used the email route forcing to use a yahoo one then. I had to add that yahoo account to my phone, but when I want to activate my license, the email isn't recognised. What should I do please? Thanks in advance!
  8. Coming from an OS gesture based (Blackberry 10 OS), I like to finally see some gestures on android too. More fluid, faster...and buttons less!! ;p
  9. Dark theme/Restoring Folders hierarchy/HR And I'll add: remove of title and artist from cover art and make them back around the progress bar. Merci for your hard works, I'm still testing, but I'll may finally buy a licence from the site (since I'm running without Google Play Services). EDIT NB: New android user here (3months), was using Neutron player for years over Blackberry 10 OS.
  10. Working here on my Black BB KeyOne. Did you give acces permission? Did you install fresh or updated the 704 build?
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