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  1. I have ambient display, it's always disabled. I still had the issue back on the latest version of Poweramp.
  2. I'm gonna level with you here. My battery consumption doesn't show increased usuage by Poweramp. But would you agree that force closing Poweramp and the watching CPU frequencies go down or noticing better battery life would make you think the same thing a lot of people here (assuming you are in the mindset of an end user)? Plus disabling the Chromecast button doesn't work either. There's still increased CPU usuage even after disabling. The same thing still happens. I even tried clean flashing my ROM. Still happens. I'm gonna try rolling back to build 820 to see if anything changes.
  3. So I've been noticing high battery consumption and a warm device with Poweramp too. I've noticed that on my phone that if you play a few songs then pause the music and let it sit in the back ground the CPU will hit max frequency on the little cores. Play some music again and the big cores will jump to max frequency and the little cores settle down. Pause and it goes back the other way. Swipe Poweramp out of the recents list and CPU frequencies go back to normal. Chromecast button is disabled on my setup. I'm running a OnePlus 5 on LineageOS 16. Bluetooth and WiFi on or off doesn't matter seems to happen either way.
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