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  1. ?? Don't hold your breath though. Haven't seen a major feature added to Poweramp in the last 3 years.
  2. Just get GoneMAD Music Player, and you'll be able to customize any metadata you want, the order you want, in the size you want, all on the now playing screen. ?
  3. Hi, Often while driving I need to have both my GPS navigation app and Poweramp displayed at the same time. I'd like to be able to easily launch a floating Poweramp widget over my navigation app so that I can see the track being played and also to switch between tracks without having to move away from the GPS application running behind it. The floating widget window should alo sbe movable around the screen and always stay on top. Would love to see this in Poweramp. If other users like this, please raise your voices in this thread. Thanks. -Viper21
  4. I am alway interested to read more info about a particular band, album or track that I am listening to. One way to do this is via Wikipedia (or other music knowledge sites). I thought it would be cool, if say in the Info/Tags popup (menu -> Info/Tags), you could have a search icon next to the album, artist, and title - tapping one of those would quicky perform a search for that item in the Wikipedia app that I installed on my device. Alternatively it could open the list of registered search provider apps I have on my device, I select one, and then it searches for the item I have tapped on. MediaMonkey on PC has something similar - very powerful feature IMO. Viper21 PS. Interestingly, when I tap the Search button currently in the Info/Tags popup, it offers me Dolphin Browser, Internet, Music Player, Poweramp, Winamp, and YouTube, but not Wikipedia (which I have installed).
  5. Viper21

    Car Mode

    Also looking forward to the car mode app. Although I am curious as to why it is an app, and not just an alternative mode or layout directly within Poweramp. For car mode also important to have large fonts for track name, artist, album, track number, and total track number (and album year). In the car, the phone is usually in a cradle/holder further from one's face than when one is holding the phone. I need to be able to read the text just by glancing at screen - and usually when there is lots of sun coming into the car during the day.
  6. So happy that other people have requested this. My wife and I are convinced that all the timeless hits were either released in 1983 or 1987 so we are always checking when a song comes on - having to do this via Settings menu -> Info/Tags is quite tedious. You could make it an optional setting so that whoever doesn't want this information can hide it (or it could be "hidden" by default).
  7. @Haddy: Thanks for the response. But not sure what this means though. Maxmo said "I will personally create couple of car skins ". Are skins already available with large fonts? Where can they be found? Thanks, Viper21
  8. I second this request!!! Please!
  9. Finding it hard to see the text (track name adn track numer) when driving in the car. Really got to take the eyes off the road to be able to make out what's written. Would love to be able to have a mode to increase the text by at least double or triple from what it is now. Album art is nice, but not at the expense of the track info. I see this thread is pretty old. Has this been implmented. -Viper 21 PS. Poweramp is awesome!
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