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  1. But funny thing is that the older device could maintain 32bit while new one only allows for 24bit. Does log say anything? Is there a way to change direct?
  2. Am I allowed to be stupid here? I hope so. I own Sony WH-1000XM3 and two smartphones. Both same setting in dev options and in Poweramp options. I aim to achieve best quality from setup I have. I have two devices, despite having same setting, the output is different. I'm total amateur, I'm not into music settings. I hope you can explain me how to achieve best quality. In simple words - I assume it's better to achieve 32bit than 24bit. Am I right? Problem: despite having both same setups on both devices, the output is different. What's more: the 32bit output device is over 2 years ol
  3. I grant the access but then the message about documents app appears and it does nothing
  4. Build 588 Miui 9.2 So after the soft update which I did yesterday i tried to allow Poweramp to delete music files but I suddenly realised there is no documents app anymore in the apps list. Any ideas what to do now? Not sure if I posted this in correct place. Still I hope to get an aswer.
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