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    nexus 4 (mako) glitch

    Do you have any advice how to fix it? As I said in my previous post, adjusting the buffer doesn't help. I switched to aospa and it doesn't glitch as much, but it sill does. There's no glitch on any other music app (Apollo or Google) and I don't play games, so I think it's so related.
  2. I keep getting random glitch sounds while using Poweramp with a custom kernel installed that has faux support. The sound is not prevalent when using any other music app, and the problem occurs on every custom kernel I've tried. Faux support is necessary since the gain on mako is very low. I have tried adjusting the buffer and the thread priority, and also clearing the app data, but nothing solves the issue. The only option that works is using a stock kernel without the faux feature, I'm currently on the latest cyanogenmod nightly. Is anyone else having this issue, and is this a known problem? Thanks