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  1. I own One plus 3T and 5T. I love the gesture function that allows you to change songs by drawing > or < on your screen. After updating to Oreo Android 8.0. it stopped working with Poweramp. Which is crazy. Since it works on Google music & VLC. Tried resetting defaults, setting defaults to Poweramp, reinstalled and clear cache. The symbols and gestures simply won't work for Poweramp. It's quite important. Happened to BOTH my one plus 3 and 5. And both my friends One plus 5T (we love One plus and Poweramp) Any fix is appreciated.
  2. Even works for 3rd party players like VLC. I didn't reinstall VLC at all. Yet i even reinstalled Poweramp. But doesn't work. Annoyed. I use it ALOT when driving.
  3. Yep. One plus 5T. Just updated to oreo. Android 8.0 and it stopped working. Works for the stock Google music player. Even after I set Poweramp as default app in defaults. It still doesn't work. Let me know if you figure something out.
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