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    One plus 5T phone series

    I own One plus 3T and 5T. I love the gesture function that allows you to change songs by drawing > or < on your screen. After updating to Oreo Android 8.0. it stopped working with Poweramp. Which is crazy. Since it works on Google music & VLC. Tried resetting defaults, setting defaults to Poweramp, reinstalled and clear cache. The symbols and gestures simply won't work for Poweramp. It's quite important. Happened to BOTH my one plus 3 and 5. And both my friends One plus 5T (we love One plus and Poweramp) Any fix is appreciated.
  2. Xsilver9

    One Plus Music gestures not working

    Even works for 3rd party players like VLC. I didn't reinstall VLC at all. Yet i even reinstalled Poweramp. But doesn't work. Annoyed. I use it ALOT when driving.
  3. Xsilver9

    One Plus Music gestures not working

    Yep. One plus 5T. Just updated to oreo. Android 8.0 and it stopped working. Works for the stock Google music player. Even after I set Poweramp as default app in defaults. It still doesn't work. Let me know if you figure something out.