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  1. Hello. I have some more ideas. 1. Is it possible to make a limitation for playing certain folders? To avoid playing tracks from unselected folders. I mean the ability to temporarily remove some folder from the playback in the general list, and then quickly add it. 2. Is it possible to make tracks so that they are added to the queue on the track in the list to the right, and removed from the queue with a swipe to the left? At the same time, it was very convenient if a mark appeared on the track in the queue and the serial number in the queue. Thank you.
  2. Thank you! And what about the compact kind of tracks and folders? Prompt how to select a preset or include only the cover on the player's main screen.
  3. Hello. I now use the third version of your player. The player is very good. This is probably the best player I've tried. I only have small wishes: 1. Can you make a compact view of folders and tracks? To the line were only the names of tracks and the screen was placed more tracks. Showing 6 tracks at the same time is inconvenient if you have 50 or 100 tracks in the folder. 2. Can you make sure that the position in the selected folder is saved. Every time you go to the main screen of the player, you have to go through the entire folder tree to the desired track. Thank you.
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