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  1. Ok, here is the ultimate workaround. But don't ask me, why this works. I'll file a bug report asap to get this fixed. As soon as the Android Lock Screen is activated, Track Name is transmitted. If you switch off this setting, Tracknames still get transmitted. But if you reboot your phone, you have to enable Android Lock Screen again. Or just leave it enabled. Seems to be a bug somewhere...
  2. After a long time with Track Info and a long time without, Google fixed AVRCP on Android 4.3 - but Track Info is broken with Poweramp. Tested with BT Headset: Sony MW600 and Paranoid Android 3.9x (ROM is Android 4.3-based). While Poweramp show no Track Name, Google Play Music or GoneMAD Music Player work as expected. This was tested on Stock 4.3 also. Please fix! Since I love Poweramp and don't want to switch! :-)
  3. IT WORKS! Thanks Max! [sGS 1, CM9 Nightly]
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