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  1. So I have a last question and I'm closing this topic. On the 704 build my music sounds exactly like basic player. I remember that on v2 version I could hear a big differences between this 2 players. The sound was more solid or at least louder. I never changed any presets in equalizer in Poweramp v2. Also I think that basic preset in v2 version are different from v3 version. Can I get a screenshot of standart v2 preset, because I don't really know how equalizer works, it's hard for me.
  2. The thing is that I accidentally became a beta tester of this app in google play when tried to download a 703 build. How do I cancel it?
  3. That's strange but when I reinstalled my Poweramp the current version became v3 build 704 and it's working fine for me. I thought google play will download v2 again. So I guess I will recreate my playlists. Anyway thank you for your help and I have a last question. When the new builds will appear will it be safe to download it without loosing my playlists? Also forgot to mention that my phone is meizu m3 note
  4. New player manager shows nothing in Poweramp section so I guess I just re-installing Poweramp completely
  5. So I guess non of the 2 v3 builds works on my phone. After installing 703 build version my Poweramp stoped working. My screen just goes black for less than a second when I try to open it and nothing happens. Same for 704 build. I guess it is too late to export my files. What should I do Andre? I will be waiting for your answer first.
  6. Thank you Andre. I didn't know that v3 is open for everyone. Definitely will try it.
  7. Hello guys. Sorry for my broken English but I have a question. Lately I was disappointed in the disappearing of my settings button (I know that's an old topic, but still there was no solution for me). So 1 year ago I was experimenting with Poweramp settings and found the setting called "no status bar" (or smt like that I don't really remember). When I pressed it my bottom bar disappeared and I never saw settings button to this day. Today I decided to fix it by re-installing the app. So here the question. Will my lists and albums remain? Or after the re-installing I need to create them again? Thank you for your answers
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