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  1. A while ago my Kinovo bluetooth headphones stopped being able to change tracks with Poweramp. They still work with google music no problem. Even more recently I got a 2013 Ford Edge with Sync. The controls worked for a while but now I can't get Poweramp to change songs (once again google music works no problem). I tried to upgrade to the v3.0 beta but whenever I click the button it says "you must have an internet web browser installed" which I do. So #1 how can I get bluetooth controls to work on v2.0 and/or how do I upgrade to v3.0 if it keeps giving me this web browser error??
  2. I made an account just to give this my vote! Please PLEASE add this feature! My solution so far has just been to try and delete all the 1 song artists. I have a LOT of music, and this feature would help SO MUCH!!
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