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  1. Love your app, but really this missing functionality is breaking it for me and I'm getting tired of waiting since I bought it a year ago, even more because I see there are hundreds like me asking you for this. Please give me a reason not to down-rate it and do it now, not in futuristic V3. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I use few but very long playlists and would like to navigate inside each of these like I do in library, at least by artist and maybe album. Right now, once I chose a playlist, I get a list of all tracks, which can be quite large in my case and it's unmanageable. On the other hand, If I start browsing by artist or album, I get all playlists results, which is not good either. And please, count one more and very anxious PRO user waiting for the album artist tag browsing. I'm avoiding compilation in the phone because of this gap. Thanks. Tiago
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