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  1. Same issue in alpha 3 build as well and it is not a rare issue. I am sorry to say that the best music player is slowly dying. No bugs are fixed ever.
  2. How is a new UI relevant to this issue? I have tried the new ui / alpha 3 build and it has the same issue.
  3. I tried the alpha 3 version and it has the same issue. This issue was reported a year back and I am disappointed to see no support or acknowledgement. Finally after years having to move to some other player despite having purchased Poweramp.
  4. ETA? The issue discussed here in this thread is not UI related though. So a new UI alone would not fix it I think. Has this issue been acknowledged by developer as it is not a particular ROM specific issue.
  5. Have the same issue on my Zuk z2 plus on crDroid official ROM. Works fine on Lineage on my moto g. Paid version. Any resolution can be expected?
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