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  1. I've had the same issue and the guys at JRT also told me that it started with the last Poweramp update. Have you heard anything from Poweramp about this?
  2. This is definitely at the top of my wishlist too (besides ratings that sync with iTunes). I'd like to see a better horizontal layout (that is how I use it in the car dock anyway), that would make better use of screen space. I was thinking make the artwork larger (full screen), maybe more in the background and off to the side. Then have the song/artist info in a bigger font on the other side or even overlapping the art if needed. I'd personally just eliminate the payback buttons as I use the swipe gestures to skip tracks/lists (or stick them on each side, centered vertically), and just tap anywhere central onscreen to pause/play. I would keep the EQ, tone, shuffle and repeat buttons in the four corners though. Just my ideas. Thanks!
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