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  1. You have already a smart playlist: but not complete. Can you please add more automatic playlist? Im glad We have 3 cool automatic Playlist but i miss 3 others... We have: -Best rated (5stars) -Low rated (1star) New music I miss the playlist 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars Please add them too So i can listen every track not only the best and worst
  2. Just a option to disable the buton... For minimalistic optic. If someone dont use folders.
  3. - rating sync'ing from/to tags - Widget to rate tracks This 2 things are the important ones For me and in the beta version 3.0 is still missing....
  4. The are live papers with visualization
  5. Any option to disable this button.
  6. Hi is it possible to program a new widget? Or is there one and i cant find it? - Maybee a widget just for rating in landscape Without track name, controls or cover.. Because than we can arrange the position of each item that we need by own. - Or One widget with cover And controls And rating? Like this one in landscape
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